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Here you can see my game related developpement. Enjoy!

Games list

OMICRON - a minetest fork


OMICRON is a small project which tries to create a small minecraft-like engine that you can use to create your own game, in Lua. It's a fork of minetest, an open-source project which follows the same objective, but in a different way. While minetest has many features, too many of them are already harcoded in its C++ core. My objective is to make less things possible hardcoded in it! But for now, it's just a small project which has just began, so come and help me making this engine better!

Behind the Retina

Behind the Retina

Behind the Retina is an ankward game about being an eye exploring the world behind a retina... Avoid dangerous traps, spikes and deadly saws to finally discover what is behind the retina...



This game is a "subgame" for Minetest Engine. It is mostly about survival on a wild, beautiful but terribly dangerous land. Discover mysterious secret, craft powerful weapons and rule your nightmares! Note this is an indev game. I'll try to make it less buggy as possible!



Voxbox is a very minecraft-like game. Highly polished, it takes the best of all mods to make one of the most interesting minetest subgame. Or maybe I'm just proud of doing a very successful game (seems to be rare)!

Bountiful Blossoms; Halcyon Days


BB;HD is my last project! Partially written from scratch it uses old mods that everybody forgot to make you visit a retro and funny world that was minetest in it's early days! Game is still very Work.In.Progress but it is stable.

Textures-packs list



Simple and efficient retro texture pack for minetest. Made in a very short time, it gives a cooler look to the game while being quite simple. Still incomplete though.

Cisoun's Pack: Reloaded


Attempt to revive an old pack from an ancient minetest member. Surprisingly seems to have great sucess depsite its special style. It has very colorful and polished textures.

Mods list

SuperMarioBros MOD


One of my first mods which adds 2d creatures to minetest. Available creatures are: Bowser, Goombas, Toad and Peach. Some of them have interaction and will help you!

Bandage MOD


A very simple mod that saves your life when you take too much damage by applying a few bandages. It allows you to restore some HP but bandages aren't free, you need to craft them! Recommended for hardcore survivals.

Monster Intelligence : Lightweight Api --- M.I.L.A.


My best and most complete mod so far. Totally written from scratch (from nothing, what) it uses particularly lightweight code to generate not only very various monsters but also a rich API, with many functions and stuff, perfect for small coders who search a simple-to-use framework to generate their own monsters!



BPZ is a very simple mod that adds various zombies with color and size variations. They are cute when they are small but when the big one comes you better run. Everytime you kill a big one, smaller ones will spawn.

Mini Clime


This is one of my last mods. Using basic functions, it creates accurate and lag-free weather. It has unique effects. It can even work on multiplayer mode, allowing your servers to have a simple but efficient weather at no cost!

Azewheel: a car mod


This very light and reliable is actually my first mod ever made. It uses the code of a boat mod and adds a car, a bus and two bikes! (A tank is also planned, but shhh...) This mod is perfect for exploring your world fastly in nice vehicles!

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